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Baby Girl Birthday Ideas

My daughters first birthday happened over the weekend. I seriously cant believe she is already one! We had a mini celebration with cake and ice cream. But since my sons birthday is 5 days after hers we are having one joint birthday party. So I still need to get her something for her birthday. I put together some things I found to get her. Some of these could easily be boy or girl but most are more for a little girl.


Bouncy Pals Unicorn: How cute is this ride on unicorn toy? I love that its inflatable so you can deflate it for storage if needed.

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy: This is perfect for those just walking babies. My daughter isn't walking yet but she's so close. She is obsessed with our dog so this would be perfect for her.

Set of four Puzzles: Puzzles are perfect for any age. These come with four and are smaller so can be packed for car trips or going out to eat.

Bows: What little girl doesn't need ALL the hair accessories?

Striderite shoes: Striderite makes shoes perfect for your little kids. These are great for those babies that have just started walking. The hard sole is great for indoors and outside.

Necklace: Every little girl needs some bling. These necklaces have initials on them, come in several different metals and are perfect for little girls.

Sparkle kiddy pool: When I saw this I knew we had to have it. It's so cute. Perfect for those hot summer days!

Princess play tent: This little play tent is so cute. Would be perfect for any little princesses room.

VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset: When I was little I remember having a tea set to play with. Mine was ceramic so I couldn't play with it until I was older. I thought this one would be perfect for a one year old.

Pop-up Princess Ball Pit: This little ball pit is so cute and these assorted pink balls for ball pit would be so cute with it as well.

VTech Prance and Rock Learning Unicorn: This unicorn has a transformable base to change it from a rocker to a ride-on toy as your child grows. Learn about colors and encourage imaginative play with songs, melodies and playful phrases. As your toddler rocks and rides, the motion sensor responds with magical sounds and music to encourage movement

Mini Jumper Trampoline with Handlebar: Lately my daughter has been wanting to jump and bounce. It makes my arms tired so I thought this would be good since it has a handlebar she can hold herself up with.

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike: This versatile tricycle offers two ways to ride: pedals lock to become foot rests for your child while you steer; pedals unlock and parent push handle removes when your child is ready to ride on their own.

Girls Crossbody Purse: Again what little girl wouldn't want everything girly. This little purse is so stinking cute!

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