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DIY Halloween Felt Ghost Wand

I love Halloween and am obsessed with all the decorating, crafts and DIY.. I try to think of new crafts and activities each year, as well as ways to spruce up the decor I already have and re-use as much as possible. Having little ones at home is super fun because I always try to create with them in mind and things they will love and use. Creating a new halloween wand each year is one of my favorite and easy crafts to create. This Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Wand Craft Tutorial for kids takes less than 10 minutes, and your children will love having something for this spooky season!

Supplies Needed for Ghost Wand

-Felt (I used craft felt but you could also use wool felt)

-White Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (I use Siser brand and get it from Amazon, but you can get it at any craft store or vinyl distributor)

-Wooden Dowel (I bought a variety pack from Walmart, you can also buy this pack in 3/16" on Amazon)

-Black Heat Transfer Vinyl or black paper for the eyes

-yarn, ribbon, scrap fabric or tulle (anything cute to tie around the finished wand)

-glue gun and scissors

-Cricut Machine

Step 1:

Ghost Shapes in Cricut Design Space

Siser White Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cutting out Ghost Shapes

I first used my Cricut machine to cut out the ghost shapes in the White Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. I used a ghost shape I found on and uploaded it into Cricut Design Space. Make sure the shiny side is down on your mat and cut out using the glitter HTV setting on your Cricut Machine. You do not have to worry about mirroring the ghosts since they look the same either way. If you do not have a Cricut Machine you could print out the shape in the size you want and use that as a guide to cut out your ghost shape in the glitter HTV vinyl. Below is the ghost shape I used.

Ghost Image
Download PDF • 751KB

Step 2:

Placing cut out ghosts on white felt

Ironing the HTV to the Felt

After you weed out the ghosts then place them on the craft felt and use a iron or heat press to attach the white glitter heat transfer vinyl to the craft felt. It doesn't take long for the vinyl to adhere to the felt. Then cut out the ghost shapes using the glitter vinyl as a guide.

Cutting out the Felt

Step 3:

Small Ovals for eyes in Cricut Design Space

Cutting out the eyes

Placing the eyes where I want them

Ironing the eyes on the ghosts

Next I used my Cricut Machine to cut out four small ovals for the eyes using black Heat Transfer Vinyl. You could also cut out ovals yourself into black paper or black felt. Then weed out the eyes and place them where you want on the ghosts. I used my heat press to attach the eyes to the ghosts.

Step 4:

Placing hot glue on the back of the ghost

Placing wooden dowel on the hot glue

Next I used my hot glue gun to put a one of glue down the middle of the ghost on the back to attach the wooden dowel to. Once you have the line of hot glue down the middle on the back of the ghost place the wooden dowel and hold it until the glue dries.

Step 5:

Ribbon I used

Cutting 6-8 inch strips of ribbon

Tying the ribbon on the wooden dowel

Our Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Wand is almost done! Now here is the fun part. Using your scrap fabric, felt, tulle, etc.. layer the materials from widest to skinniest. With the widest layer closest to the dowel, tie it around so the skinnier layers show. Do his carefully, you want one knot that is is not too huge, so make sure to pull tight carefully.

Using a piece of yarn, tie a bow around the existing knot to finish off the ghost.

All Done!

We are all done with our Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Wand. I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and that you have fun making these with or for your kids this halloween season! Don’t forget to follow along on instagram @caitlynbickel for more fun ideas!

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