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Donuts & Dinos Birthday Party

This year I decided to have a joint birthday party for my son and daughter since their birthdays are 5 days apart. I loved the idea of the donut theme for my daughter since this was her first birthday. My son turned three and is really into dinosaurs. So we had a Donuts & Dinos themed birthday party.

I had SO MUCH fun with this party (with lots of materials to work with).

I had to make some of the items myself. They sell dinosaur and donut stuff EVERYWHERE. I actually got a lot of my supplies from the Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

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Invitations I created on Canva
Invitations I created on Canva

“Donuts & Dinos” Display Table

One of my favorite parts about having a party is the display table. I just love working on them. This one was a lot of fun to do.

Chocolate covered pretzels for "Dino Bones"
Chocolate covered pretzels for "Dino Bones"

Pink Streamers | Green Streamers | Dinosaur Balloon | Three Balloon | Donut Balloon | One Balloon | Tropical Backdrop

“Dino” Meal

I had this party at 5 pm so we had tons of food and snacks and of course cake! The food was delicious and everyone had a blast!

Cheese cubes for "Lava"

Deviled Eggs for "Dinosaur Eggs"

Chips for "Dino Scales" and Doritos for "T-Rex Teeth"

Green Hawaiian Punch for "Swamp Water"

Pink Table Cover | Green Table Cover | Small Tropical Plates | Pink Plates | Large Tropical Plates |

Lime Green Forks | Hot Pink Assorted Cutlery | Green Assorted Cutlery | Pink Forks | Green Napkins |

Pink Napkins | Pink Cups | Food Labels

Pink Sprinkles Wrapping Paper | Dinosaur Wrapping Paper

Donut Bandana | Pink Polka Dot Ribbon | Green Polka Dot Ribbon | Pink Gingham Ribbon | Teal Ribbon | Colorful Plaid Ribbon | One Banner

I loved how this cake turned out. I have always wanted to do a rainbow layered cake!

Monstera Pick | Fern Pick | Toy Dinosaurs | Gold 3 Cake Topper | Teal Food Color | Mint Green Food Color | Navy Food Color | Cake Pans

These donuts were so good!

Sprinkles | Hot Pink Food Color | Donut Pan | Gold #1 Candle

I used this recipe from Mama Knows Gluten Free for the donuts. They turned out so good!

I also made these cute T-shirts and onesie for myself, my son and my daughter. I just bought t-shirts from Hobby Lobby and used SVG files that I designed to cut out on iron-on vinyl. My daughters onesie I used a PNG file that I designed and used printable iron-on vinyl. It was super easy and they turned out so cute. Click on each photo to shop the SVG files on my Etsy shop.

I absolutely loved how this party theme turned out! It was so much fun having a joint birthday party for my kids! Hopefully you can take away some good ideas from me. I'd love to see how your party turns out!

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