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Father's Day Gift Guide

If I’m being really honest with you – Dylan would take something handmade from the kids over a gift any day. He’s an awesome dad and there’s absolutely no one else I’d rather do this parenting thing with + I think he deserves something to thank him!

I’ve put together a Father’s Day Questionnaire for kids to fill out for the Fathers, Grandpas + Papas to give them on Father’s Day. Just tap the “download” button below of the PDF that you want! You should be able to print it on a normal sized piece of paper.

Download PDF • 70KB

Download PDF • 70KB

Download PDF • 74KB

If you’re looking for a gift-gift, here are some of Dylan's favorite things.

  1. Snapback Cap - Dylan wears these types of caps all the time. Perfect for summer.

  2. QALO Rings - Dylan hardly ever wears his wedding band. This is a perfect alternative especially for guys where it's too dangerous for them to wear metal bands.

  3. JBL Go3 Bluetooth Speaker - Dylan uses this little speaker all the time, It stays charged a long time and has great sound for its size.

  4. Cologne - He has tried SO many colognes and comes back to this one every single time. It’s a good one.

  5. Bamboo Pillows - Yes.. a little bit spendy but the power of a good pillow is unreal.

  6. Carhartt Force Cotton T-shirt - This is Dylan's favorite shirt for the summer. Its like a dri fit material that keeps you cool.

  7. Power Washer - This thing is so dang satisfying to use. Not just a gift for him, I love using it too.

  8. Beats Studio Buds - These are mine and Dylans favorite wireless earbuds. They have noise cancelling and transparent mode.

  9. Tennis Shoes - These have been his favorite sneakers and have lasted for years and years. Mainly because he doesn't wear them often.

  10. Chino Shorts - Dylan doesn't wear shorts often but he likes how these fit and that they are a longer fit.

  11. Anker Portable Charger - this charger works super quickly… this one is the best for on-the-go.

  12. BruMate Hopsulator - Perfect for keeping canned drinks cold.

  13. Slim Wallet - He loves slim wallets because they fit in his pocket better. These cut all the bulk out of a traditional wallet + the quality is amazing!

  14. Apple Watch Band - Love the look of this one and it's a great price!

  15. Pellet Grill and Smoker - Dylan LOVES his pellet grill. He cooks dinner on this allllll the time.

  16. Supergoop sunscreen - Been trying to get Dylan to wear more sunscreen. He likes that this isn't greasy.

  17. Sunglasses - He loves the polarized sunglasses. He literally wears these all the time!

  18. Luggage - Most of the time he just packs a backpack, this is nice to have for longer trips.

19. Golf Bag - Dylan has been wanting to get into golfing. This is a great travel bag.

20. Grilling Apron - necessary for all the grill goodness.

21. Carhartt T-shirt - He really loves the Carhartt brand. They make such high quality stuff.

22. Meat Thermometer – This one is our favorite. It works great and Bluetooths to your phone so you don’t have to go out and check a bunch!

23. Toiletry Bag - This toiletry bag holds ALL of his stuff and has a hook to hang.

24. Massage Gun - This is more a gift for you but you can say you got it for him.

25. Crocs - Dylan wears these all the time when he is just going outside to do something real quick.

26. Creeper Seat - What every guy who does all the mechanic work needs.

27. Pocket Knife - Dylan always has a pocket knife on him. This one you can personalize with name, message and a design.

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