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Graduation Gift Guide

It's so crazy to me to think that its been almost 10 years since I graduated from high school and 5 since graduating from college! Where has the time gone? I thought since it's that time of year I would put together some things that I found helpful after graduating and some things wish I would have gotten when I graduated. There is stuff for boys on here too but I'm more familiar with girls than what older boys would want. Hope this is helpful!

  1. Passport holder – A cute gift if you’ve got a grad who plans on traveling. Comes in several colors.

  2. Desktop Light – This is a charging station and lamp all in one.. perfect for saving space! Has 4 light modes for late night studying.

  3. Diploma and Tassel Holder – an awesome way to store the diploma, tassel and a cute picture of them in their cap and gown!

  4. AirTags – to help them keep track of their stuff! I like to pop one in my luggage when I travel. We also have one on our dog since we have a history of having dogs that like to run away.

  5. Jewelry Case – Perfect for the kid moving into a college dorm and needing a place for their jewelry.

  6. Large Duffel Bag – I used this one for my hospital bag when I had my daughter. It holds a ton of stuff and I like that it has a separate pocket for shoes. Definitely useful for those trips back home.

  7. Makeup Bag – this is what I use, it holds SO much. It’s perfect for keeping small spaces clean and I love the removable dividers to keep everything organized!

  8. Makeup Mirror – Most of the time the dorm rooms at college do no have the best mirrors or lighting for putting on makeup. I love that this one folds up.

  9. Nail Clipper Set – This one comes with so many tools. Perfect for when your kid moves away and can't steal yours now.

  10. Speaker – It’s little, but puts off some good sound! Perfect for small spaces.

  11. Single Serve Keurig – this is perfect for dorms/apartments… single serving of their fave drinks! The blue on this one is so pretty!

  12. Charging Station – help them reduce cords to stay organized.. this will do all their apple gear together.

  13. Tile Trackers – A piece of mind if your teen is forgetful.. put one in a wallet, purse, etc to keep track of it! Accidents happen (and things get stolen). They’re probably being trusted with a lot more in their wallet out on their own than they have been in high school.

  14. Bed Laptop Stand – Actually considering this one for myself. Perfect for lounging and getting stuff done.

  15. Gift Card – this would for sure be the best option… some of my top places are: Amazon, Target, and Walmart.. Ubereats would be a good one, same with their favorite restaurants

  16. Printer – a lame school thing they probably aren’t going to want to buy themselves haha. I definitely appreciated having one in my room for when the library was closed.

17. Packing Cubes – everything has a home, as I would say. This makes it way easy for them to stay organized!!

18. Luggage – let them adventure!! Also, makes is REAL easy for them to pack up and come home for a weekend, it’s a two for one kinda gift.

19. Thread Lanyard – perfect for the matching wallet! Sometimes its simple just to have it hanging on you.. especially if they have to wear ID at school!! I always had a lanyard on me since you had to have your ID to get into everywhere. Comes in so many cute colors and prints!

20. Thread Wallet – these little wallets are awesome for teens! Holds a few cards + ID.

21. Otterbox Phone Case – stop the dang drop.. haha. Love these durable cases!

22. Belt Bag – perfect to wear as a crossbody to make sure their stuff stays on them. They have a ton of cute colors, and also black, white and naturals.

23. Apple Pencil – An iPad accessory must.

24. iPad – I really love my iPad Pro. It makes it super easy when traveling to still get stuff done, packs up super small.. also procreate + coloring pages for a little zen (or honestly, to spark creativity.. SO many small shops on Etsy right now are stickers/designers that all start on procreate!!) Can pretty much replace a laptop. Perfect for note taking in class.

25. Backpack – I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory! haha. This one is so cute and has a battery pack!

26. Apple Watch – something I definitely can’t live without.. mostly for the feature of pinging my phone.

27. Apple MagSafe Battery pack – It’s safe to say they’ll probably be adventuring or driving a bit more than high school days.

28. Kindle – I think its really important for kids to keep reading more than just textbooks.

29. AirPods – I don’t think I could function without these. The noise cancellation is amazing for when I’m doing chores or really need to sit down and focus on something.

30. BruMate Mug – of course they’re gonna need a 32 oz cup

31. Laptop Case – this one comes on so many colors and has a smaller pouch for a mouse or charging cord.

32. Comfy – This will be on every gift guide for kids and adults ever. I definitely think I need one!

33. Laptop – Honestly, some schools have recommendations on laptops that work best with their software so it’s probably good to check that out before buying – but I looooove my MacBook!

34. Instax Camera – This would be so fun for creating collages in dorm rooms or apartments. Even comes with the film and case!

35. Bath Towel Set – Definitely recommend buying all new towels for college. I love that this set has towels, hand towels and wash cloths. So many colors too!

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