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Definitely there are some fun boxed options out there just waiting at the store for you to quickly grab. But if you are looking for something a little different… something that feels a little more handmade… I have something for you!

There are a lot of cute "S'more" sayings I could have used including:

  • I love you s’more.

  • I need s’more friends like you.

  • You’re s’more awesome than homework.

  • You make class s’more fun.

But I went with "Life is S'more Fun With Friends Like You."

Now, before you go and think I am amazing and have somehow raised the parenting bar when it comes to making time and skipping the dollar store tear-away cards…


I have one child taking Valentines to class.

Oh, and that one child has 12 classmates.

If I had 3 kids with 25-30 classmates each – NO.

This was one of my easiest school Valentine years EVER.

Plus… to be honest, doing little crafty things is fun for me.

I want you to feel the love, so I am making these available for free to you! Simply click on the photo or text link, download… and print!

The how-to is simple and most of the jobs of assembling can be handed over to the kid(s):

-Download and print the image. You should be able to print this without altering… but individual software and printers sometimes like to pose challenges. I printed on regular card stock paper.

-Insert a graham cracker (broken in half), one mini Hershey’s bar, one heart-shaped marshmallow (I used Stuffed Puffs heart marshmallows!) in to a sandwich bag (I used some 5x7 cellophane bags I had on hand). Standard sandwich bags are 6″ x 6″ and would work just fine.

-Close the bag.

-Fold the print in half and staple.

-Be sure to have child sign and write the name of classmate BEFORE attaching to bag.

Of course we had extras. So I made our own Valentine s’mores. Broil on high for a minute or two or bake at 500 for a minute or two. But watch closely.

Marshmallows are highly flammable. I may or may not be speaking from first-hand experience.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you so much for clicking through and helping to support my blog.

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