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Ring Pop Valentines (Free Printable)

Free Printable Ring Pop Valentines that are easy to put together and perfect for kids to hand out at their school Valentine's Day party.

Ring Pop Valentines Free Printables

For these Ring Pop Valentines Printables, I kept the design super simple. Plus, the Ring Pops are already pre-packaged, so it's one less thing to do!

Follow the directions below to assemble your Valentines, and at the very bottom are directions for downloading.

Printable Ring Pop Valentines Directions

What You Need:

  • Ring Pops

  • Printable Ring Pop Valentines download (linked below)

  • Cardstock or white computer paper

  • Printer

  • Scissors

  • Stapler

1.  Download and print your free valentines onto white cardstock or computer paper. There are two different valentine designs and 6 valentines per page.

2. Cut out valentines on the lines.  Be sure NOT to cut on the center line for folding.

3. Fill out the "To" and "From" on each Valentine, and fold it in half on the line.

4. Place the Valentine on top of the Ring Pop package so that the Ring Pop is between the 2 halves of the Valentine.  Staple the whole thing shut. Repeat for remaining valentines.

Enjoy your FREE Ring Pop Valentines!

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