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Spooky Basket: Halloween Baskets for Kids

Every year on October 1, I plan to surprise my kiddos with a few Halloween treats to amp up the excitement around Halloween for the month! You can follow along on my Instagram (@caitlynbickel) for more details & stories about what I’ll be including in their baskets this year.

The baskets are meant to be simple! Don’t overthink – it’s the thought that counts… and the name! I mean, how cute is the name Boo Basket? These items do not need to be expensive. Just go to your local Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot and pick out some festive lil’ paint sets, wind-up toys, coloring books, etc.!

What to Include in your Boo Basket:

  • Treats

  • Fidgets

  • Crafts

  • Pajamas

  • Halloween cups/plates

  • Books (you can check out our Halloween book shelf here)

  • Stickers (I usually pick these up from Target or Dollar Tree!)

  • Dress-up clothes and/or a t-shirt

  • Pennant flags from Etsy

I’ve linked some more ideas for you:

What will you put in your kids Boo Basket this year?

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