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Summer Faux Floral Arrangement

I thought it was time to make the house feel a little more summery to match how it felt outside. Its been in the 90s here in Mid-Missouri and its only the beginning of May. Feels like the middle of July! Ive been seeing the lemon theme several places and thought it was so cute and loved the bright colors. Makes me so happy! I made this citrus inspired faux floral arrangement with flower stems found at Hobby Lobby.

Supplies needed:

  1. Cylindrical Vase: I had one I had used before but here is one that is very similar.

  2. Faux Lemons and Faux Oranges: I used one bag of each but if you do a bigger vase you will need more.

  3. 6 Orange Peony Stems

  4. 3 Orange Safflower Stems

  5. 2 Yellow Billy Button Picks

  6. Floral wire cutters


  1. I placed the oranges and lemons in the jar making sure to mix up the orange and yellow colors.

  2. I took the Orange Peony Stems and cut them to the desired length. You want them about even with the top of the vase.

  3. Place the Orange Peony Stems in the vase spread out evenly. This is a trust the process moment so it may not look that great at first.

  4. I took the Orange Safflower Stems and cut them to the desired length. There are 3 flowers per stem so I cut them off where the all met together.

  5. Place those throughout the Peonies spread out evenly. You may have to rearrange the Peonies to make them look better with the Safflowers.

  6. Last I took the Yellow Billy Button Picks and cut them to the desired length.

  7. Last place the Billy Button Picks through the other flowers. You kind of want them sticking out a tiny bit so you can see them.

  8. Place your arrangement wherever you want!

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