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Wedding Gift Guide: Gifts That Will Actually Get Used

Coming up with the perfect wedding gift isn't always easy. To put it plainly, different people like different things. That's why soonlyweds take the time to create personalized wedding registries—and a couple's wish list is always the best place for guests to start their search. If you know where the couple is registered, finding their gift list should be a breeze. Most online registries have a handy search bar you can use. While the couple's registry should definitely be your starting point, we know that guests sometimes need to look elsewhere for wedding gift ideas. When you're in a pinch, you can rely on this list of the best wedding gifts.

  1. Plastic Drawer Organizers: The perfect way to keep your drawers organized. As newlyweds they are most likely moving in together after living separately so there is bound to be some un-organization.

  2. OXO Plunger and Toilet Brush Set with holder: I love this set because it comes with both the plunger and toilet brush plus a holder that keeps them both covered.

  3. Throw Blanket: You can never have too many throw blankets. Perfect for curling up on the couch for those Friday night binge sessions with your spouse.

  4. Glass Soap Dispenser: Comes in a 2 pack which is perfect for a double vanity or could put in the bathroom or kitchen. Love the modern matte black pump.

  5. Clip On Strainer: I recently got one of these after seeing them everywhere and love mine and use it frequently. Perfect for straining water off pasta. Saves having to get out a colander.

  6. Measuring Cup & Spoon set: These are perfect for newlyweds who are moving into an apartment or smaller house. They stack together and one end is a measuring cup and the other is measuring spoons.

  7. Dutch Oven: Dutch ovens have been a mainstay on couples' wedding registries for years, and it's easy to see why. This versatile piece of cookware is compatible with electric, induction, gas, glass and ceramic stoves and it's oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

  8. Spoon Rest: This spoon holder for countertop will assist you in all cooking activities without creating any mess. The cute spoon rests can hold spoons, spatulas, ladle, tongs or any utensils and will avoid any spillage of food or liquids. This utensil rest for countertop can even be used to store coffee or tea spoons after use.

  9. Matte Black Silverware Set: Every new couple is going to need a silverware set. I love the matte black color of this set. Perfect for the modern couple.

  10. Ninja Blender: This model offers different speeds for juicing, chopping, mixing and more. Better yet, the large container makes batch blending quicker and easier. It's another awesome wedding gift that's common on couples' wish lists for a reason. Once they realize how much this appliance can handle, they'll honestly be amazed.

  11. Toaster: Im pretty sure everyone gets a toaster as a wedding present. This one is super cute so hopefully they won't return it.

  12. Electric Kettle: Perfect for making your favorite hot beverages. I use mine all the time to make tea.

  13. Bath Towels: Every couple could definitely use a set of towels. I know after I got married all we had were my old towels from college. These have over 30,000 reviews.

  14. Kitchen Utensils Set: Any kitchen utensil you could ever need is included in this set. I love that it comes with a holder as well.

  15. Coasters: Both slate coasters and the steel holder add a modern and sophisticated touch to your kitchen or home decor.

  16. Porcelain Plates: A kitchen staple. These are a timeless design that they will keep forever.

  17. Knife Set: We didn't get a knife set until a few years after we had been married. Not sure how we lived without one.

  18. Sheet Set: These have over 300,000 reviews. Any couple could use several sets of bedroom sheets. Just make sure to get the right size.

19. Drinking Glasses: Great drinking glasses can make hydration all the more exciting, not unlike pretty plates and flatware at mealtime.

20. Kitchen Towels: Another kitchen necessity. These are super cute too.

21. Cutting Boards: These cutting boards are perfect for any kitchen. Set of three so you don't have to worry about washing one if you are cutting meat and vegetables.

22. Pyrex Glass Storage Bowls: We received plastic storage containers and glass for our wedding shower and I definitely prefer the glass ones. They don't melt or get a nasty color after being put in the microwave. Plus they are healthier for you and better for the environment.

23. Grill Set: Sure, you could go all out with a new smoker or grill—or stick to the more budget-friendly accessories, like this Cuisinart set of grilling utensils.

24. Cordless Vacuum: We bought a corded vacuum right after we got married. I recently upgraded to a cordless vacuum and have no idea how I lived without one. It is so handy for cleaning up messes quickly.

25. Pot and Pan Set: Who knew a cookware set could be so beautiful? This is another great group gift to go in on with friends. Fingers crossed the happy couple invites you over for a home-cooked meal ASAP.

26. The Adventure Challenge Book: Here's another unique wedding gift for the couple who has everything: a scratch-off activity journal filled with a year's worth of cute and creative date ideas. Each date is a total mystery until it's scratched off, giving adventure seekers plenty of fresh and exciting things to look forward to.

27. Air BnB Gift Card: A gift card can actually be a really thoughtful wedding gift. You pick a store that you know the couple will love, then they get to pick out something special together—win-win! With this one you can sponsor the couple's next romantic getaway and help them cross another destination off their bucket list.

28. Eufy Robot Vacuum: I love our robot vacuum. makes it so easy to keep the house clean when I can schedule it to run whenever I want even when I'm not home.

29. Cake Dome: Fun fact: This pretty serveware is the most popular registry gift in two different states. But couples everywhere will get good use out of its multipurpose design. While the natural wood stand holds all kinds of baked goods, cakes and cupcakes look especially nice under the elegant glass dome. Basically, this gift will become a birthday party staple. The natural wood base and clean, contemporary design make it a good fit for a variety of decor styles.

30. Digital Photo Frame: It's a digital world, so introduce them to this digital picture frame. The Nixplay lets friends and family share images online for instant display. The couple can use it to store, send and showcase all their favorite photo memories. It's a whole lot easier than switching out physical photographs and it'll let them enjoy all of their favorite moments without cluttering the mantelpiece. Perfect for displaying those wedding photos.

31. Personalized Christmas Ornament: As you're looking for ideas for wedding gifts, think beyond everyday items that'll clutter their countertops and cabinets. If the couple already has everything they need for daily life, consider something that's not as essential for the day-to-day but will nonetheless be treasured and appreciated for a long time to come.

32. Spice Rack: Definitely another must for any kitchen. I love that this one has a pretty display rack and labels.

33. KitchenAid Mixer: One of the most classic wedding presents of all time. I love my KitchenAid Mixer and use it all the time. They are a little pricey so you might want to go in with a few of your other friends on this one too.

34. Cast Iron Skillet: When in doubt, pick up a timeless (but still creative) wedding gift that'll round out their home or upgrade their old gear, like this high-quality cast iron skillet that can be engraved with their names and wedding date.

35. KitchenAid Can Opener: This has been my favorite can opener I have ever bought. It works so good! Also has a bottle opener as well.

36. Pot Holders: Another kitchen staple that the newly married couple might not have yet.

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